Faded And Torn

I fist released Faded and Torn in 2015 as a 300 Limited Edition CD. Also dwnload. There were 13 tracks on the album including the first ever  Hearts and Flowers and Time is my Enemy in an acoustic setting.


The rights to these two tracks are owned by Kassner Publishing as part of the 1969 THE GHOST album, When You're Dead.


The 2020 Release of Faded and Torn features 15 tracks. I have added two that should have been on there in the first place.


I am looking to sell the World Publishing and Copyright to the 13 tracks on this album.

Both Time is my Enemy and Hearts and Flowers can also be used on an album but rights are spoken for as I have explained.


This is my last vocal and guitar album as I gave up guitar in 2015 in favour of a Baritone ukulele. Easier on my hands.


If you are interested in purchasing  all rights. Please email me.

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Faded And Torn 2015

Faded And Torn 2020



Sunny Day                 2011         Same

Hearts and Flowers       1969        2015  

Fifty Summers             1995         Same

The Bastard Child        2010         Same

Little Irene                 2009        Same

Beautiful Autumn        2011          Same

Time is my Enemy        1970         2015

Mother and Child        1995         Same

Faded and Torn           2011          Same

The Ocean                 2011          Same

The Blessing               2015         Same

Train Coming             2011          Same

Ten Times Four            2011          Same

Love of my Life          1996        Same

Christmas in my Eyes  2007        Same

Faded And Torn 2020 Track list



Year song created     Year Recorded  



hn Faded 2020 web2 Faded 2020web1

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