My Ukulele Album 2020

My last guitar and vocal album was Faded and Torn I created in 2015. In 2014 I discovered the Ukulele, well I knew it was there ! but had not realised there were other sizes. I found the soprano a treat. But once

I had lain hands on my Makala Baritone....that was it. I found it smaller and easier to handle than even a 3/4 guitar and bonus ! I found I could play all those old Jazz and Standard songs I used to sing with Bands, Quartets and Trios of my youth. I also love the 1920s and could create a real essense of that time with my newly aquired Oscar Schmidt Concert ukulele I soon purchased. I have tried the Tenor ukulele but my heart lies with Baritone and concert.


So here we are with an album that has songs I have recorded from 2014 up to 2020. I thought it would be a great way to celebrate my 75th Birthday in November. The album will be available from me direct and download.

ALBUM COVER BEST BACK SEPT bits and peices-01y

Album Signed Post Free UK £25.00

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Album  Post Free UK £12.99

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Released November 27th 2020 Cherry Red Records Box Set.....I have an unreleased 'Home Recording' from 1971 on Disc 3.

'Butterfy On The Shore'. A wonderful 3 CDs Box set with in depth details on every artist. Some great folk legends  on this beautifully box set.



boxA BUTPIX2 BUY HERE £19.99 Back box set Box set sale 2 but2x

Signed Box Set and signed lyrics of 'Butterfly On The Shore' available on here.


Let us hope 2021 brings us all good things. I am very slowly working away at a book. I also hope to create My Ukulele Album Volume two ! this year.  But who knows what the fates have install for any of us.


Keep Well Keep Safe.

God Bless